Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy: Review

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Recently, my husband and I decided that we wanted to instill a sense of independence and entrepreneurship in our daughter, but the bug actually bit me first. After I started, I met Dana Susan Beasley through Facebook and was introduced to her entrepreneur curricula…WOW! I became interested in this one in particular because it could be used in a homeschool environment as a curriculum resource. At the time, she was asking for reviews and I jumped at the chance.

Your Guidebook to Growing a Family Economy is a two e-book set–a manual (or textbook, if you will) and a workbook, which are used together. The manual is divided into 17 lessons and the end goal is for you to have a business that your whole family can be involved in, grow together, and succeed in. Lesson topics include:

  • Identifying gifts and talents
  • Building a brand
  • Choosing a name
  • Making quality identity collateral
  • Identifying your target market
  • Advertising
  • Software to use…for EVERYTHING!

The workbook is  where you write out the vision and plan as you work through the manual. There are several places for you to jot down your thoughts and complete the assignments in the manual. You will not walk away from this course without a solid plan, vision, and set of goals! Dana breaks things down in ways that you may never think of until it’s too late!

What I like about this resource is that it is broken down into realistic, manageable, and reasonably attainable steps that anyone can follow. I also like how much Dana shows how she’s used the principles of entrepreneurship that she’s teaching in her own life. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything–she gives you real, concrete information that is certain to help you iron out all the thoughts you have in your head. She is sharing both her heart and expertise in this curriculum resource.

This curriculum has something for everyone…really! She even goes into what your kids can do to help and how to use their skills in building the family business. She shows you important things, like why cheap and free is not always best. The software she recommends? She shows how to use it step by step. If you’re a technical person, this will definitely work out for you. I dare say that, for homeschoolers, this curriculum will spur studies in other areas–especially art and computer graphics.

You will understand why a brand is important. You will understand why having a cohesive online presence is a must. You will understand the concept of color and how it can make or break a first impression. You will understand basic business rules. You will understand the importance of entrepreneurship, even if you’re working with an MLM or direct sales company. You will understand how to identify if something isn’t right for you. Even more than that–you will understand why it is vital to keep God at the forefront of your endeavors!

The most important thing is this: Dana not only shows use these principles, she’s willing to help! In the final part of the books, she offers mentoring services, graphic design services, publishing services…a little of everything. I’m going through one of her courses myself and both it and she have been a great blessing in building my business.

In today’s economy, entrepreneurship is quickly becoming the way to go. I would not pass on this curriculum! I encourage you to check it out!

Visit the Curriculum page to get yours!

You can more information on Dana by:

As always, it is my hope and prayer that the resources I share with you are a benefit and blessing to you and your family. I will be working through this curriculum with my family this upcoming school year. Let’s keep each other posted!


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